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Angelique Poncelet

Angelique M. Poncelet, CMHC

Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Trained and Certified in EMDR Therapy

Welcome to Park City Counseling. People seek counseling for a variety of reasons- often because they feel “stuck” in a painful pattern they want to change. Therapy can help you maintain wellness, manage health challenges or the effects of chronic stress. My aim is to help you sustain vibrancy in your life and relationships by overcoming symptoms and stressors that distract from happy, healthy living. Common issues for therapy are related to depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, addictions, grief and loss, and adjustment to life transitions such as coping with physical illness, marriage, parenthood, miscarriage, divorce, and separation. Therapy is a proven method of relief and offers an opportunity for deep personal insight and growth. Park City Counseling provides specialized individual therapy for adults aspiring to live, love and thrive.

As a clinical mental health counselor, I work in a collaborative and creative way to help clients achieve balance and remove roadblocks to joy. In addition to talk therapy, I have advanced training in EMDR therapy. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy and is a leading treatment for anxiety and trauma. Events such as sexual and physical abuse, combat experience, medical emergencies, environmental disasters and sudden loss are likely to be traumatic with a capital “T” but it doesn't have to be a major trauma to be impacting your self worth and confidence. Many of my clients are reprocessing hurtful early life experiences that stand in the way of experiencing joy in the present. The brain's capacity to heal itself is extraordinary, leaving you with increased confidence and peace of mind.

Park City Counseling provides specialized individual therapy for adults. For your convenience, sessions are available in person or by HIPAA compliant teleheath. Please call or email to initiate and schedule your visit.

Starting Individual Therapy

For individuals, therapy can help you maintain wellness or find relief. I am trained in evidenced-based cognitive behavior therapy and trauma recovery interventions. Sometimes, we need coaching or counsel to move through change or to tolerate stress and loss. Other reasons for therapy involve looking at underlying core issues or illogical beliefs that drive our self-esteem, behaviors and relational patterns. Although it may feel daunting at times, it can be incredibly rewarding to gain insight into personal roadblocks to happiness, intimacy and self-compassion. In therapy, I look for strengths and build upon the client’s own courage and resilience. Here you will find a respectful, supportive environment to explore your positive potential for mind and body.

Park City Counseling is dedicated to supporting healthy engagement in personal growth in a manner that works for your lifestyle. Connection and therapeutic support has never been more important, although leaving home or office may be a barrier. I am pleased to offer flexible options for individual sessions and new client assessments via HIPAA compliant telehealth services or in-person appointments. Clients are free to choose the option that best fits their needs, session to session.

Find relief and rediscover the life you want to live.

EDMR Therapy

Trauma is an emotional and physical response to a terrible, often unexpected event. It is not defined by the magnitude of the event, rather by the impact of that event. If the event was traumatic to you, it is a trauma. Trauma is experienced in the body. It impacts the nervous system and creates an inner atmosphere whereby we are responding to our environment involuntarily, known as being “triggered”. Reactions include unpredictable emotions, intrusive thoughts or images, flashbacks, isolation, strained relationships, decreased concentration and decision-making capabilities, and physical symptoms of pain, tightness, headaches and nausea. Sleeping and eating patterns may be affected. Pre- existing medical conditions may worsen under the stress. Even if one’s symptoms are not severe, or the trauma occurred long ago, emotions and body sensations of distress can be difficult to bear, showing up as sadness, physical pain, worries about yourself and others and painful recurrent interactions and relationships. With trauma recovery therapy, the brain has the power to heal itself.

EMDR Therapy stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy and is an extensively researched, effective psychotherapy method proven to help people recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences. It is a mind-body therapy that facilitates trauma recovery by integrating the inner and external experiences. Stress responses are part of our natural fight, flight, or freeze instincts. When distress from a disturbing event remains, the upsetting images, thoughts, and emotions may create an overwhelming feeling of being back in that moment, or of being “frozen in time.” EMDR Therapy helps the brain process these memories by activating our innate adaptive learning system (with eye movements or tapping) which allows normal healing to resume. The experience is still remembered, but the fight, flight, or freeze response from the original event is resolved. As a result, we not only know we are recovering, we feel it, too! We may notice healthier responses to current life stressors and a greater sense of safety, belonging, and esteem in relationships and life in general.

Angelique Poncelet, CMHC

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Suite 200-B is located in the Summit Center, Building D (on the 2nd floor, above Brad's Abbey Carpet).

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Angelique Poncelet

Finding the right therapist is essential and building a therapeutic relationship is a process. Our first session is called an assessment and is the foundation for personalized treatment. We will review your history and establish where in your current life, you would like to see changes. We will create a plan for movement towards your goals using an integrative, holistic approach. Most people begin therapy with weekly or bi-weekly sessions and are always free to choose the frequency that best meets their needs. You can expect a safe, secure and confidential environment.

To request an appointment, please call 435-513-2300 or email